Authorities are already in the process of bringing Sri Lankan expatriates who have been trapped on foreign lands back to the country due to the prevailing COVID 19 situation. Sri Lankan Embassies and other missions are also functioning at their optimum to offer help during this difficult time. The Government of Sri Lanka has taken necessary measures and made contingency plans to keep expatriates in the country safe; as of now, the government requests to follow the fundamental health care practices and to keep travel at minimum. Expatriates and temporary visa holders who have been requested to return to their countries could also be aided to reach the airport and all they need to do is to contact the closest police station. Upon contacting, necessary arrangements can be made on transportation facilities to the airport. Those who are in distress or if you need any sort of assistance, you are more than welcome to reach out to the emergency centres and other regulatory bodies by contacting any of the below establishments.